Living the Dream

Working with some of the world’s leading brands as both an elite professional windsurfer and editorial fashion model, Jesper Vesterstroem is a Danish athlete based in New York.

From a young age he realized we only get one chance in life and with that idea in mind made “Living The Dream” his brand. Traveling the world and embodying a positive, healthy lifestyle whilst working with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Coca-Cola, Ford, Hugo Boss, Swatch Group, Tommy Hilfiger, Skagen Watches, BrooksBrothers,  Cottonfield, Ecco Shoes and Singapore Airlines.

As a professional windsurfer, competing on the Pro Tour, Jesper has reached the podium of some of the world’s biggest tournaments and held the #1 World Ranking for two consecutive years. Windsurfing has given him extensive travel experience across all corners of the globe, working with key brands and identities and incorporating his customer’s marketing ambitions into his own Olympic and competitive aspirations; running clinics and coaching for staff, clients and youth development over the years.

Windsurfing is a unique platform for companies to invest in. Its modern, colorful and dynamic. It’s exciting, radical and photogenic. It mixes the elements of ocean, sun and wind with an enormous billboard advertising opportunity.

Born in Denmark but now based in New York, Jesper started windsurfing when he was 12 and quickly realized it would become his life’s passion. Later on, he showed potential to become one of the world’s best windsurfers. Losing his dad at a young age motivated him to pursue his dreams, believing that everything is possible and 100% living by, what has become his brand, to quote Walt Disney, “Living The Dream”.

Jesper has been traveling for 18 years all over Europe, South America, Asia, USA, Australia and New Zealand to compete in some of the world’s biggest windsurfing events. In that time he has also been hitting the catwalks and prestigious photo shoots around the world working for brands such as; Hugo Boss, BrooksBrothers, Skagen Watches, Tommy Hilfiger, Coca Cola, Mens Health, Cottonfield, Ecco Shoes and many more.